Power flushing in the UK and Ireland

We are part of the Power Flush Association, we and our member companies operate in all of the UK and Ireland. If you need a competitive price on a power flush, anywhere in the UK or Ireland, contact us now.

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Areas we cover: London, Essex, Kent, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Northants, Suffolk, Norfolk, Warwickshire, Hertfordshire, Oxfordshire, Wiltshire, Gloucestershire, Middlesex, Berkshire, Hampshire, Surrey, West Sussex, East Sussex.

Over time your central heating system can become that restricted or blocked, which diminishes the flow to your radiators. Having a professional power flush, can solve many sludge related problems and improve your system's circulation and efficiency. Power flushing can also help prevent future problems like: leaking radiators, rusty radiators and even help reduce energy bills.



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- We specialise in "sludge flake" removal. Having sludge flakes in your system is the most common reason for needing a power flush, because the flakes are large they easily clog up your system and parts on it, like pumps. Removing these flakes is a specialist procedure in which we have lots of experience.
- We use a light-commercial power flush machine with powerful magnets to clean and filter the central heating system pipe work and radiators.
-We are gas safe register
-We have 5 million public liability insurance
-We are cheap, fast, clean and reliable
-We now offer power flushing insurance as an optional extra. If you need a power flush within 3 years of having one done by us, we will redo the flush for free.



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gas safe register
Common symptoms that power flushing could solve:


Slugde build-up in pipes?


Central heating water black or brown?


Does your boiler, pump or pipes make noise?


Does your radiators feel half cold? Top or bottom?